About Liz Hurst


Born in the North West of England, in a coastal fishing town near to the Lake District, Liz was a voracious reader from a very young age.

She did well at school, excelling in most subjects but in languages in particular and kept a diary throughout most of her childhood and teenage years.


She started writing in 2012 after a friend offered some encouragement and has never really looked back.

Liz writes at her home in Warwickshire, ably assisted by her dearly beloved black and white moggy, Lily.


5 thoughts on “About Liz Hurst

  1. Have just read your about the author – sounds amazing move over Jill Mansell sounds so romantic and middle England love it !!!

    1. Hi Charlotte,
      She is, isn’t she?
      Sadly, no longer with us, as of November last year. Utterly broke my heart to let her go, but it was the kindest thing.
      I now have two naughty little fur babies to keep me occupied instead!
      Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

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