A series of time-slip novellas exploring the life in and around the fictional village of Fossbury.

Blending genres between romance, historical fiction and contemporary writing, whilst also adding ghost stories into the mix, I am concentrating on strong female characters who find themselves in an emotional crisis for one reason or another. Their desire to help others helps them to realise their own inner strength and thus resolve their own problems.

Modelled on the real village of Ettington in South Warwickshire, the local area is rife with myths and legends from many different periods in history, which provides some tempting backdrops for my tales.


Siren Spirit (paperback version due November 2015)

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Cover design by Design4Writers
Cover design by Design4Writers

Emma McVeigh is emotionally adrift. Broken-hearted after her marriage breakup, she has escaped city life and sought solace in a quintessential English village. Allowing herself time to regroup seems like the best course of action in her life right now.

However, the picture-perfect thatched cottage she moves into hides a secret and is not the sanctuary she was hoping for.

Enter her dashing next-door neighbour, Lewis. Charismatic and confident, he seems to be everything Emma wants in a man and she’s very attracted to him. But after a drunken one-night stand, he turns out to be not all he seems either.

Can they each face their inner demons and, in doing so, solve the mystery of another lost soul?




The Plain Truth (due Summer 2016)

Rob & Selena Thornton have moved to Fossbury to start a new life and put their traumatic past behind them. But, with their marriage on the rocks, and Selena falling deeper and deeper into depression, Rob is beside himself with trying to rescue his wife.

Walking into the local Quaker house one afternoon, Selena stumbles upon evidence of a shocking miscarriage of justice from hundreds of years before.

The experience haunts her and with a new sense of purpose she vows to put the matter to rest. However, by so doing, will she neglect her marriage even further and drive Rob away completely?



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