Lily goes to Rainbow Bridge

It’s been just four weeks since I had to make the dreadful decision to have Lily put to sleep.


It’s always hard saying goodbye to your pets; they are very much-loved members of the family, after all. However, we all know that there comes a time when they look up at you in such a way and there’s a pleading expression in their eyes. That was exactly what happened and the second I spotted it, I just knew that she was suffering and I couldn’t allow it to happen any longer.
She was a very brave little girl, right up to the very end. I made the decision to have the vet come out to my home and perform the procedure. It meant less stress for her by not having to transport her to a surgery. She was sat on the duvet in my spare room and I stroked her and told her I loved her. As I held her in my arms, she slipped away peacefully, taking an enormous part of my heart with her.

Going ‘over the Rainbow Bridge‘ might be a phrase you’ve heard with regards to the death of a pet. It is believed by many that our pets wait for us at the foot of the bridge until our time comes, and then weLily2 cross the bridge together to go to heaven. The idea comes from Norse legend in which the bridge, known as Bifrost, connects earth with the home of the gods, Asgard. A beautiful interpretation of the ideology can be read here.

It’s an idea which brings great comfort at a time of sorrow for grieving owners. I know many of you will have felt this heartbreak at one time or another too, so my heart goes out to you for your loss.

The vet arranged for a private cremation, so I could keep a small casket with her ashes. It sits in my writing room, on the shelf where she used to sit when she watched me write. I think she would like that. It’s a warm place and she always liked to be near me.

So, this is a very empty and soulless house now, and it’s really hard not having her arrive at the door to greet me when I come home from work. However, this is only a temporary measure, for a have a couple of kittens coming to me after Christmas. I always swore I’d never be without a cat in my life, so it made sense to start looking, and the local rescue centre had a number of kittens arrive a few weeks ago. Stay tuned to my Facebook page for photos and news after they have arrived home.

Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones, I wish you a peaceful a prosperous New Year for 2016.




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