Mario Puzo: Six Graves to Munich

I picked up this little book in my local library which I joined last week.

Puzo wrote this novel before The Godfather but the manuscript was lost for over forty years before it was finally published.

It tells the story of Michael Rogan, a secret agent during World War Two who was captured and tortured along with his pregnant wife.

The seven Nazis who tortured him presumed him dead after they shot him in the head (who wouldn’t?) but, in fact, he survived. Thanks to a metal plate in his skull and ten years of rehabilitation, he is seeking vengeance over the men who destroyed his own life and took that of his wife and unborn child.

After he finds and kills the first Nazi in Hamburg, he meets a prostitute by the name of Rosalie. She, too, has her inner demons to live with and they manage to support each other.

This is a well-written story with explicit descriptions of the murders and their effects on Rogan and his relationship with Rosalie. I was only sorry that it didn’t last longer.

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