Paul Christopher: The Templar Conspiracy

I do love a good thriller, it must be said. And so do a lot of other people, it would seem after Dan Brown hit the bestseller list with The Da Vinci Code. 

Many have trampled in his footsteps and some have created works with, in my opinion, better plot lines and better characters, thereby making up altogether better stories. This is one of those stories.

I picked it up at my local library in Wellesbourne in Warwickshire – I liked the title, having been somewhat fascinated by the occult from my late teens when I found my mother’s copy of The Satanist by Dennis Wheatley sitting on a shelf at home. The whole Templar idea being drawn into events set in the present day was intriguing so I picked it up and brought it home.

The pace is good. Not so quick you find yourself out of breath before the end of the first chapter, which is good. I think, as a writer, it must be difficult to maintain a pace like that throughout a novel, which must be difficult.

Instead, the author here has measured events such that they seem to hot up at just the right times. An enjoyable read to the very last page.

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