Robert Harris: Fatherland

You know what I love about writing this blog? I now have a reason to read all those dusty tomes which have been sitting patiently on my bookshelves waiting to be read. This one in particular, has been waiting longer than most. I believe it has survived three house moves at least, maybe more.

This is, however, a thriller that has touched me like no other. My mother recommended it some years ago. I duly got hold of a copy and finally picked it up a couple of weeks ago.

Imagine, if you will, a world where the Nazis had won the Second World War. It’s now 1964 and The Greater German Reich (Germany, Austria, and large parts of Eastern Europe and Western Russia) is about to celebrate Adolf Hitler’s 75th birthday.

Xavier March is a detective in the police force and disillusioned with The Party. He can’t shake off the uncomfortable feelings about the way his country operates. He is assigned to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding a body found in a lake outside Berlin. However, his lack of loyalty has been noticed and his movements are being carefully watched by the Gestapo.

Enter Charlie, a feisty American journalist with ideas of her own about the truth about millions of Jews who were allegedly ‘resettled’ into Russia during the 1940s. A trip to Zurich takes them deeper into the most horrifying conspiracy Mankind has ever committed.

This is a book everyone should read. History tells us that The Allied Forces won by only a hair’s breadth in 1945. This story will remind us why we are so grateful for those who gave their lives in order for that to happen. Let us never forget what it could have been like otherwise.

2 thoughts on “Robert Harris: Fatherland

  1. Yes, this is a very good book, though the ending given in the movie version seems more rational. It is refreshing to find something counter-factual which does not obsess with the movement of units on the battlefield, which unfortunately is what a lot of readers online seem to demand.

    I see you live in South Warwickshire, a great part of the world. I used to live in Ufton, close to Harbury, to the East of Leamington Spa. I fear the whole area is going to be wrecked by HS2 and it will be so difficult to cross the valley once most of the small roads simply come up to a cutting and there will just be a couple of bridges.

    1. Hi there Keir,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog.
      Believe it or not, I haven’t yet seen the movie of Fatherland. A shocking oversight, I think I’ll have to rectify that.
      I agree about HS2, such a shame for the area, and the Midlands already has more than enough transport links to the south. A much better strategy would be to improve the diabolical services up north to the same standard as those already operating in the Midlands,to attract investment away from London.
      (I was brought up in the North, you see!)

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